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  • What is a Taser and the types and operation?

    It is time to face reality: the world is no longer a safe place. Law enforcement authorities are available and alert but resting your fate in the hands of these forces may not be a reasonable option. Danger and emergencies occur without any prior notice when you least expect them. Sure, ‘the law of the jungle’ is not the law of the land yet, but people do choose to harm or rob others.

    The best contingency plan to counter any dangerous situation is to keep a self-defense weapon handy. When it comes to self-defense weaponry, a variety of options are readily available. One of the most reasonable and effective self-defense weapons is the electric-shock weapon. The electric-shock weaponry entails stun guns and tasers.

    Both, the stun gun and taser, utilize a powerful voltage surge to incapacitate its target. Though working on the same mechanism, stun guns and tasers are different from each other. But if one must choose between the two, then taser has the edge over stun gun.


    TASER, commonly referred to as taser, is an acronym for Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle. This handheld device delivers a high voltage electric shock to incapacitate a person by firing two small darts. The small darts are connected to the device with thin wires. The darts, though small is powerful enough to penetrate through the clothes of the target and transmit the electric shock. Once impacted, the powerful electric shock disrupts the nervous system of the person, resulting in incapacitation.

    Tasers use compressed nitrogen to launch the darts; hence, they are not categorized as a firearm. Their versatility in function stands them out in electric-shock weaponry. Tasers can be used as stun guns also by placing them directly against a person’s body to administer the current.


    If you want to electric-shock someone, would you prefer doing it at zero feet or from 15 feet away? The choice is easy and obvious - from up to 15 feet away.

    A stun gun is a direct contact weapon while the taser offers an advantage of distance between the shooter and the target. Stun guns are effective when they are held against someone’s body for several seconds. The prongs of the stun gun have to maintain the physical contact to electric-shock the person. Tasers can be shot from a distance to deliver the impact. The prongs of taser are connected to the wires. When shot, the prongs deliver the impact while staying connected with the gun.

    Law enforcement authorities usually prefer tasers over stun guns. Stun guns merely incapacitate the attacker, and that too depends on maintaining the physical contact. While tasers, they incapacitate the attacker by disrupting the nervous system. A stun gun stops or subdues the attacker, whereas, a taser makes the attacker incapable of moving.


    Law enforcement authorities need robust tools and devices to counter crimes. Tasers are a powerful handheld electric-shock device, but with time and need they have evolved.

    1. Taser Pulse

    Taser pulse is one of the most widely purchased taser guns. Its high-tech integration and intuitive designing justify its demand. Weighing just 8 ounces, the Pulse is easy-to-carry, easy-to-maintain, and legal-to-carry.

    Its Noon-light Mobile Integration stands out from other devices. The Noon-light mobile application keeps your taser connected with your mobile devices as well as with the law enforcement authorities. Upon pressing the trigger of the Taser Pulse, the device sends the user’s location to law enforcement. It delivers a 30-second muscular over-ride even when shot from a 15-foot distance.

    2. Taser X2

    Taser X2 is the most advanced and latest taser device. Rather than a single-shot option, the device offers a 2-shot option for enhanced effectiveness. This taser was developed while keeping a backup shot feature and voluntary surrender in mind. The device features a warning arc that is used to threaten the attacker. The warning arc feature was introduced to increase the number of voluntary surrenders and also to protect life in the field.

    Taser X2 eliminates the aiming guesswork with its dual laser feature. Its dual lasers allow the user to exactly know the target points of the top and bottom probes.

    This device was designed for incapacitating the attackers completely. Its cross-connect effect administers an increased amount of electricity for a greater level of incapacitation without the need for an additional charge.

    3. Taser X26P

    Taser X26P is the most compact handheld electric-shock device. The device was designed to deliver convenience in carrying and ease of performance. Similar to the previous taser designs, Taser X2 is a single-shot device without the need for replacing the inventories of cartridges.

    When fired, the darts of taser X26P impale the flesh of the target person and delivers an electric shock twice that of any newer smart weapons. Its innovative Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology, taser X26P temporarily disrupts the central nervous system to limit muscular control. The taser works with equal intensity even on the people who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

  • The Best Non-Lethal Weapons for Women

    Defending Herself Against an Attacker With Pepperspray

    Activities outdoors are becoming increasingly scary. Whether you are in a parking lot or walking a few blocks to reach home, the chances of an assault are always possible.

    In a park or staying at home, personal safety should be the priority, especially when you are a woman. We all have learned and to an extent, religiously followed all the safety rules, but those rules don’t quite apply in the practical world. In today’s world, crime needs to be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

    The upsurge of violent crimes prompted the mass production of several self-defense weapons and tactics. In our crammed nine-to-five schedules, practicing self-defense martial arts is a vague possibility. Therefore, it is recommended to carry a self-defense weapon to be used in case of an assault.

    While a standard gun seems like a reliable option, there are other non-lethal options easily available. These non-lethal weapons are not just discreet, but they are classy, compact, and come in updated designs.

    Who says that weapons are all work and no play? Below we have listed our choices as the best non-lethal weapons for women.


    None of us is an expert shooter, and you can’t afford a missed shot during an assault. Unlike guns, knives and daggers seem like smarter options to opt as you can injure the attacker at a closer range than a bullet. The severity of the injury and its placement is completely in your control when you use tactical knives, which give this weapon an edge over guns.

    Most importantly, these deadly weapons can be easily hidden as they are smartly concealed as a simple pen or a hairbrush. Clip it or carry it in your handbags, these tactical knives can be carried anywhere.


    Part pen and part weapon, tactical pens are deceptively hidden self-defense weapons. These pens work perfectly as a writing instrument. In an assailant’s view, you have nothing more than a ballpoint to defend yourself. It works exactly like a ball pen; it drills a deep hole when pressed forward and rips open when you pull it back. It looks harmless but can be used as a deadly self-defense weapon.


    Pepper sprays and maces personify female self-defense weapons. The most widely used pepper spray is the one in the form of a lipstick. These sprays contain irritants which upon coming in contact with the attacker’s eyes, nose, or mouth, can cause severe burning. These sprays are effective but not long-lasting. They can buy you just enough time to escape the situation, so it is best to keep a back-up self-defense weapon too.

    4.  ALARM

    Alarms are by far the most non-lethal self-defense weapon. They don’t cause any physical harm but are enough to deter a sticky situation. Alarm sounds can reach up to 130 decibels, which is enough to alert the entire neighborhood.

    Technology also stepped up in personalizing alarm systems. There are now mobile apps connected directly to your alarms and are used to notify your loved ones about your trouble.


    When in trouble, put a ring on your finger. Defense rings are just as deadly as they look. They come with a serrated edge sharp enough to impale the attacker. The ring boasts a guard to protect your finger but lets the sharp edge to be exposed fully during the attack.

    6.  STUN GUNS

    The popularity of stun guns is directly proportional to the soaring crime rate. These are low-cost weapons and work best at a close range. The effect of stun guns stays as long as contact is maintained. The gun releases a powerful electric surge enough to incapacitate your attackers.

    Stun guns do not usually look like a gun. They are usually disguised as lipsticks or cellphones and other familiar items. Though they are available readily and easily, its legality is still an issue. Many states have made the use of stun guns difficult, considering the potential misuse of stun guns.


    This self-defense weapon is truly inspired by keychains. A long string with a ball of yarn at its end, its harmless appearance is surely deceiving. This harmless looking monkey ball packs quite a punch. It is an inch thick and made up of pure steel, which is enough to land a knock-out blow to your attacker.


    Flashlights are by far the most unexpected self-defense weapon. They don’t strike as a deterrent, but these modern flashlights are weaponized with 500 lumens of powerful light. These flashlights are enough to brighten up the entire area while giving you a chance to slip unseen from the situation.


    Keychains are adored widely by women; they are an accessory for handbags, purses, and our everyday carry. Given the current societal collapse, keychains are updated to the level of weaponry. These keychains are a product of durable plastic with spikes at its edges and holes provided to fit your fingers.

    10. TASER

    Last but in fact, the most powerful self-defense weapon. Tasers leave no stones unturned when it comes to neutralizing the assault. Unlike stun guns that only zap the attacker, tasers shut down the nervous system incapacitating the assailant instantly and completely. Tasers also work at a better range than the stun guns. Their small size makes them easy to carry and easy to hide in your handbags.


    For any woman who finds herself in a situation where she can be easily overpowered, these self-defense weapons can be life-savers. It is wise to keep yourself armed with these surprisingly harming non-lethal weapons than to risk your safety.  Self-defense weapons give you a physical and tactical advantage over your assailants.

  • 4 Best Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons for Your Every Day Carry

    The world over the years has dangerously descended into a societal collapse; news of muggings, terror attacks, and robberies have become everyday occurrences that do not phase us anymore but have indeed rooted the fear of being a victim of one such incident.

    Without a doubt, our police and protection services are efficient, but sometimes the situation must be controlled by you. The growing crime rate has made self-defense a priority. Always call 911 but be prepared for emergencies before the 911-team arrives, and in such situations, you need to be armed for your protection.

    Nine-to-five routines and crammed budgets hamper most people from learning self-defense or martial arts. An effective and efficient way of protecting yourself is carrying weapons every day. These weapons are non-lethal and legal to use if you find yourself in a situation where harm is imminent and self-defense is necessary. Their non-lethal category doesn’t qualify them as toys or disqualify legal ramifications.

    There are several non-lethal weapons in the market but let’s have a rundown of the 4 Best Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons for Your Every day Carry.

    Easy-to-use and easy-to-carry, defense sprays are by far the effective and least harmful way of self-defense. There are a couple of sprays available in the market for self-protection purposes including mace and pepper spray. Their instant effectiveness has made them a necessity in every women’s handbag. Mace and pepper sprays are often confused as the same product, but these two are quite different.

    Essentially mace is a type of tear-gas. It has the same effect as that of a tear-gas. When mace is sprayed on the attacker, it burns the eyes, shuts the nose and mouth, and breathing becomes painful and difficult. Despite its severe effect, mace has little to zero effect on people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. People under the influence of drugs or alcohol are most likely to inflict harm or incite violently, mace’s incapacitation to disable such people made it an inadequate self-defense mechanism.

    Pepper spray, also known as OC spray, contains an active ingredient oleoresin capsicum that affects the mucous membranes of the body upon contact. Pepper spray can be a hit or miss in terms of efficiency. For maximum impact, pepper spray needs to come in contact with the mucous membrane, i.e. it needs to be aimed at the eyes, nose or mouth of the attacker. If done right, the effect begins shortly, 10-15 seconds and can last for a couple of hours buying you enough time to neutralize the attack or even escape from that scene.

    However, the effect of pepper spray is a subjective experience. Assailants under the influence of drugs won’t experience the effect of pepper spray in a timely fashion, so it is best to have a more reliable back up to pepper sprays.

    Pepper spray and mace are surely not 100% effective, but they form the bedrock of self-defense in modern society due to their mass availability, non-lethal mechanism and ease of use.

    Hand-held weapons are useful for a more severe physical impact on the attacker. These deceptively small-sized weapons can inflict significant harm to the attacker if they are used properly.

    Kubotans, tactical pens are familiar terms for all the preppers. Kubotans are inconspicuous and sharpened rod-like self-defense objects and are also easily carried on a keychain. Along with being a writing implement, tactical pens are an effective self-defense weapon if used properly when needed. Kubotans and tactical pens work effectively in crowded areas, alleyways and close quarters.

    Stun weapons take non-lethal weaponry up a notch. The attacker won’t only be incapacitated but will also be left at your mercy. Unlike pepper sprays and kubotans, stun guns are difficult to get your hands on. Stun weapons use a powerful electric surge to disable the attacker and are significantly helpful in a situation with more than one assailant involved. Stun weapons are available as stun guns, tasers, and stun batons.

    Stun guns are the size of a flashlight and can be easily concealed in a handbag. Similarly, stun lipstick and flashlights though much smaller in size, pack a punch. Stun batons are tougher to carry around and difficult to conceal as they can be up to 18 inches long. All these devices work on an electric surge mechanism; they release a large amount of electricity from two electrodes.

    4. TASER:
    Often used interchangeably with stun guns, tasers are quite different from them. Stun guns only zap the person, but tasers disrupt the neuromuscular pathway. This computer-controlled device has two electrodes each of which is attached to a wire. The Taser is fired like a gun, and for its effect, the electrodes must hit the target, the skin of the assailant. Upon contact, tasers create a disconnect between the brain signals and the muscles of the body, resulting in an inability to move.

    It is survival of the fittest, and our safety is in our hands. It is reasonable to keep yourself armed with these self-defense weapons, but they require care and caution. These 4 Best Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons for Your Everyday Carry seem easy-to-use, but without proper training, these weapons will be of no use to you.

  • What is a Spike Stun Gun?

    The unique Spike Stun Gun is another addition to the stun gun family. Safety Technology just recently released their spike stun gun. The gun has two sharp spikes which emit 20-million-volt power that stops an attacker in their tracks. The addition of the spikes coupled with a loud discharging sound is enough to change the mind of an attacker. The spikes can be used as a striking tool causing tremendous pain upon contact with vulnerable points on the body. Vulnerable points include eyes, throat, jaw, head, back of hands and other uncovered areas on the body.

    The weapon should not be used on thick layers of clothing. The spike stun gun is rechargeable, and packaging includes a USB charger. This weapon is easily carried on your person. It is only 3.5"x 3" x 1". You can provide yourself with a greater sense of security by simply carrying this small but powerful weapon in a purse or pocket. The Spiked Stun Gun should always be carried when walking, jogging or hiking alone.

    Always remember that a disabled attacker is your opportunity to leave the area and get help. Law enforcement welcomes the opportunity to apprehend attackers.

    The new non-lethal self defense weapon Spiked Stun Gun Spiked Stun gun Black $21.21
  • What are the Differences and Benefits of a Stun Gun vs. Taser?

    When it comes to stun guns and tasers, people confuse one with the other. They are two different weapons used for self-defense. Each unit uses an electric current, but the overall operation is different.  These weapons are in the non-lethal self-defense weapon category.  They provide protection from attacks and enough time to flee the danger.

    History of the Stun Gun and Taser

    The early history of stun guns and tasers dates to the 1960s when law enforcement first began using them.  Initially stun weapons were used as cattle prods and dispersing protesters.

    As time passed with the advancement in technology these devices were introduced to the public. They became popular with the police and the general public.

    The stun gun was a revolutionary weapon because it was less lethal and could be used to incapacitate criminals. However, when tasers were introduced in the industry, police departments around the world began using these amazing non-lethal weapons.

    Jack Cover first developed the taser in mid-1970. As an alternative to deadly weaponry, it was introduced to the law enforcement agencies in 1990. In 2011, thousands of law enforcement personnel were using the taser.  However, as time passed concerns were raised regarding misuse of tasers and stun guns.

    The misuse of these weapons caused injuries and even death in some cases. This type of behavior could not be tolerated. To deter misuse rules and regulations regarding the usage of the weapons were implemented throughout the law enforcement community.

    Difference Between Stun Gun and Taser

    1. Working Proximity

    In the case of tasers, you can defend yourself up to 15 feet from the attacker. Stun guns were made for close contact use. You must be close enough to an attacker to touch their body with the stun gun. The voltage and amperage will do the rest! Due to these facts, most people prefer the taser.

    1. Weight and Size

    Stun guns are easier to use than tasers because they are light in weight and smaller in size.

    1. Price

    The price of tasers is more expensive than stun guns. So, if you cannot afford a taser the stun gun is a great alternative.

    The differences between stun guns and tasers The differences between stun guns and tasers

    Benefits of Using Stun Guns and Tasers

    1. The biggest advantage of having the stun gun or taser is that you can carry them with you. Stun Guns come in different forms such as; mobile phones, flashlights or even lipstick containers.
    2. Stun Guns can be used for multiple purposes and more than just defensive weapons. For instance, they come in the form of a flashlight or walking cane, and you can use them for those purposes.

    We need to use these weapons responsibly. If we own a non-lethal weapon we must assure that it is only used to threaten or stun the attacker. Always be responsible and do not misuse these weapons. Prepare yourself for the unexpected by researching and acquiring the non-lethal self-defense weapon or weapons necessary to protect you and your immediate family.

  • Prepare Yourself Don't Become a Victim of Crime

    What are your choices of non-lethal self-defense weapons? Plan ahead so you don't become a victim of crime. The list is long for weapons that can immobilize an attacker. The appropriate weapon is a matter of choice. Most non-lethal weapons are legal. Check local laws pertaining to restrictions on non-lethal weapon use. NWAM Personal Security provides product restrictions associated with every state.

    Preventable crimes are perpetrated against women by cowards! Ownership of easy access non-lethal weapons could prevent many of the attacks.

    The following video depicts violent crimes against women. This video is meant to wake us up to the reality of dangers all around us.

    Have you ever thought about what actions you would take if you were attacked?

    Scenarios are walking to your car, jogging, relaxing in your home, withdrawing funds from an atm machine. Pay attention to your surroundings and be prepared for the unexpected.  You need a weapon that you are comfortable with and easy accessibility. Know the operation and proper use of your weapon. I can't emphasize enough for you to practice using the weapon of choice. Practice until its use is second nature

    What are effective weapons that can be carried in a purse or pocket?

    1. Pepper Spray - comes in large and small containers and can be used up close and at a distance. Store them in pockets or clip to belts.
      Pepper Shot 1.2% MC 1/2 oz Pepper Spray Hard Case Belt Clip And Quick Release Keychain $11.00
    2. Mace Spray - is powerful and causes profuse coughing, tearing and intense burning of the eyes.
      Mace® Pepper Spray Jogger Model Pink $19.99
    3. Stun Guns - produces strong electrical current that can disable an opponent. It is an up and close weapon.
      Stun Master Li'l Guy 12,000,000 volts Red Stun Gun with Flashlight and Nylon Holster $15.95
    4. Tasers- just the sight of a taser can be a strong deterrent to an attack. Law enforcement uses tasers to bring down criminals.
      Taser Pulse Plus with laser, LED, 2 live cartridges $449.99
    5. Stun knife- stuns with an electric current and used as a knife.
      Stun Knife $29.95
    6. Pepper Gel - is like glue. It sticks to an attacker when sprayed and produces a tremendous burning sensation. The pain can last 30-45 minutes.
    Wildfire 1.4% MC 9 oz Sticky Pepper Gel Pistol Grip $59.95

    All of the non-lethal self-defense weapons displayed above and many more can be found at NWAM Personal Security.

  • Your Personal Security Products

    Your Personal Security Products

    The NWAM Personal Security website contains products for personal protection and survival. The product categories are stun guns, tasers, pepper spray, mace, survival gear, surveillance, and home protection. The products are of high quality. The assortment will surprise you.

    Personal protection is a right as a citizen of this great country. Unscrupulous individuals will injure and rob you. Prepare for unexpected events perpretrated against you.

    Products suited for a person’s size or stature are available. Mace or pepper spray is ideal for a person small in stature.   A compact lipstick pepper spray can be stored in a purse.

    A smaller person could also use a small mace spray. Also suited for a person larger in stature. Up and close weapons are available. A  small stun gun is ideal for that purpose.

    Individual safety includes products in the Personal Safety, Home Protection and Surveillance categories.

    Personal Safety includes personal safety lights, animal repellents to security scanners.

    Home Protection includes door and window alarms, motion-activated alarms and diversion safes.

    The Surveillance category contains hidden and dummy cameras, audio recorders, and all-and-one-cameras. The all-and-one-camera is multifunctional. Picture taking. video recording and audio are all accomplished. Check the nwampersonalsecurity.com website for the safety needs of all!

  • Disable Attackers With a Stun Bat or Knife

    In this age that we live in, there are many people on the streets seeking to injure or take what you have. These individuals will rob or injure you in a heartbeat. It is your responsibility to prepare yourself and your family members with the ability to deter attacks. There is a multitude of weapons in the non-lethal self-defense category that can stop an attack. The stun bat or knife use is great self-defense weapons

    I would like to focus on 2 great weapons when used properly will knock an attacked on their rear! The stun bat is a powerful striking weapon with power arcing blasts of electricity. It can immediately disable an attacker and make them think twice about repeating the offense. The stun baton has multiple uses. It comes with a bright led flashlight. These bats are made of super-hard metals like aircraft aluminum and can be used as a club, if necessary.

    The second weapon is the stun knife. The stun knife is a combination of a knife and a stun gun. This weapon is high voltage wrapped in the blade of the knife. The appearance alone could deter an attack. If an attacker tried to grab the blade of the knife a powerful shock would disable them. The Stun Knife includes a charging cord to recharge the stun gun and flashlight. The flashlight has a strong blinding beam of light. The modes of operation are high, low, and strobe. The stun knife emits a strong visual surge of electricity that can cause a criminal to think twice about attacking.

  • Pepper Spray Used as a Deterrent to Personal Attacks

    Every citizen has the right to defend themselves. Some prefer not to use lethal weapons. We provide products that are an awesome alternative to lethal weapons. We stock the following categories of non-lethal-self-defense weapons and other useful products: Stun Guns, Knives, Pepper Spray, Mace, Survival Gear, Personal Safety, Home Protection, and Surveillance.

    There is danger all around us. Preparation is the key to self-defense and survival. One of the most popular deterrents against physical attacks is pepper spray. The smaller size is a great advantage, such as the common “keychain” type canisters. Pepper spray automatically slams the eyes shut, allowing a quick departure! The spray can be used against any threat, unlike firearms which require justification for use of deadly force. The contents of pepper spray are usually effective against attackers that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Pepper spray canisters contain several shots in case you miss the target. You can take follow-up shots while defending yourself.

    If you’re a woman walking alone,  elderly person or live in a crime-ridden community, pepper sprays are handy to have around. It is good to have pepper spray cans if you have night-time commutes. Many of the pepper sprays manufactured today are infused with UV identifying dye. The dye is an invisible marking dye that can assist authorities in the attacker identification process.

    Pepper sprays are normally inexpensive, and they are easy to use. Anyone who has used aerosols at some time in their life should easily adapt to the use of pepper sprays. Pepper Sprays can be carried in a purse, pocket or jacket. They are manufactured in different sizes and strengths. You can enjoy morning strolls, night-time jogging or unsafe commutes knowing your pepper spray is handy. You can confidently deal with unexpected emergencies and violent attacks. The attacks could be on you, family members or friends. "Always be prepared"!

  • What are Benefits of Using a Taser for Personal Self Defense

    Protecting yourself is an absolute necessity. Nothing is safe in today’s environment. Whether you are living home alone or walking around the corner.

    It is generally recommended that all women learn self-defense techniques. That helps to fend off any potentially dangerous person without having to rely on luck and goodwill.
    In recent years certain non-lethal weapons have been introduced to fend against attacks. One of the more popular weapons is called a Taser or more popularly known as stun guns by police officers. A great choice is the Taser X2 used by law enforcement.

    Designed by law enforcement the two-shot TASER X2 incorporates law enforcements most requested capabilities.


    Here are some of the reasons why you should always have a Taser with you:

    Tasers don’t need a permit
    One of the best, and maybe the worst, reasons to own a Taser is the fact that Tasers most likely do not require a permit to use them. You can probably go to any arms store and get yourself one, and you won’t have to show any permit.
    Although, this is highly superficial in some countries. You might need to recheck your country’s legislation and laws to check if they have anything regarding owning non-lethal weapons.

    Tasers are small and easy to carry
    Another good thing about a Taser is the fact that it is easy to use, and small enough to fit in certain types of pockets, or handbags. Or you could buy a holster for your Taser and keep it hidden under your clothes until you need to use it. Tasers don’t really weigh a lot, so they shouldn’t be a burden on your body.

    They have a safety button
    Another good reason to invest yourself in a Taser is the fact that they have a dedicated safety button. You don’t need to worry that you will shock yourself in the process. The Taser won’t work as long as the safety button is on.
    Oh, but do note that you should get yourself acquainted with switching the safety button on the Taser. When in danger, the body moves on its own and if your body is used to switching the safety button off, it will potentially save you from danger.

    They can be recharged
    Another reason that you should always have a Taser with you is that you do not need to replace its batteries every month or so. They can be recharged after every use.
    Tasers are very efficient so you don’t need to worry about the batteries discharging themselves while they are in your pocket. Tasers will work as long as you have charged them once.

    They are widely accepted
    Many companies that empower women's rights allow their customers to keep a Taser on them while they are in their presence. You don’t need to worry about putting the Taser away or getting jailed just for having a non-lethal weapon that is designed to protect you from potential danger.

    If these reasons have helped you decide to keep a Taser on yourself, it is great news.



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